Final Update 1.0

Duwenbeek is now out of beta!

Today I uploaded the 1.0 Version of Duwenbeek. This Update introduces a proper Ending. Now the game don't suddenly ends . But that's not enough. With this update I bring you a better touch input, small improvements like skippable cutscenes and better visual quality. And I reintroduce the Windows port.

Patch Notes:

- new ending
- improved touch input
- introduction of Post Processing (varies by Platform)
- small improvements
- Windows port

Version  Difference:

WebGL: Full Post Processing, key input
Windows: Full Post Processing, key input
Android: Some Post Processing, touch input

After this Update Duwenbeek won't get big changes any more. My target with this game was to create a small but complete game. At this point I think it's finished. You can play all the 8 levels and try the challenge mode. I the future I will move to other projects.

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